1.5" Button Boy EK Success Hand Held Button Punch - for 1-1/2 Inch Buttons - cuts circles 1.837"

Button Boy

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Product Overview

We are excited to introduce our newest punches! We worked with EK Success to design these 1.5" button sized punches. The punch area is 1.837".

This is an EK Success slim profile punch which is powered by the Paper Shapers patented thumb punch lever. This creative engineering gives this large punch a longer reach and makes the squeeze action of punching even easier. These uniquely compact, easy-to-use punches lock shut for stackable storage. Use them upside down for accurate punching.

We are the only company that offers this punch. EK Success does not sell this punch.

Approximate Product size: 2.5 x 4.5 x 1.25

This punch works wonderfully with a 28 lb bright white paper . This punch is not designed to work with normal copy paper.  The paper is too light and you will probably have a rough edge. 

This punch will not work with Chinese made machines and parts because the Chinese machines/parts are not standardized to American sizes and may vary slightly in size.

This punch will not cut fabric.

This is not a standard 1.5" craft punch, it cuts the circle at 1.837".



(No reviews yet) Write a Review