1" Complete JEWELRY Ceramic Magnet Parts - 100


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Product Overview

1" 1 Inch complete JEWELRY ceramic magnet button parts for button maker machines. These are the parts and magnets that work best when making changeable magnetic pendants. 

Complete button parts include: 
Shells, Collets, Mylar and Ceramic Magnets (approx. 3/4" diam. x 1/8" thick)
Our shells and collets are made by Tecre in the USA.

Ceramic Magnets are C8 Strength, which is the strongest ceramic magnet available. 

You will need to glue the ceramic magnet into the back of your finished 1" button. We like E6000 adhesive for this purpose.

These are the complete parts that you will need to make magnet buttons. 100 parts makes 100 buttons, 250 parts make 250 buttons, etc.

Use with:
1" Tecre button maker machine (model #100) (black machine, red handle) 

*** These parts will NOT work with Chinese made machines. Chinese made machines do not conform to US standardize button sizes and are designed in millimeters. 

Please see the last photo to see how these 3/4" magnets compare to the other ones that we sell.

We have steel discs that go with these parts - you glue the discs into alloy based pendants to make them magnetic.

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(PDFs of How-To's are in the photo section).


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review