3.5" Tecre FABRIC Button Making Machine - Model #350

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Product Overview

Tecre Model #350 Fabric Button Maker Machine

This listing is for a Tecre 3.5" button maker machine that has been adjusted by Tecre to allow for use with fabric. (That is why the price is higher than the basic model) You will also receive a Crimp die adapter (only to be used to make plastic flat back parts)

This machine will work with basic cotton fabric, as well as some slightly thicker fabric like canvas or flannel. Thicker fabrics probably won't work with it.

If you plan on using a thick fabric, and want us to test the fabric out on our in-store machine, you can mail us 1 sq ft (or so) of fabric to test.

You can also use this machine for making normal paper buttons.

You can make your fabric buttons with or without the mylar, but we think most people make them without the mylar.

Tecre Button Maker Machine Model #350
This is a brand new machine and it is ready to be shipped. Your machine will come with a factory warranty.
•All metal construction
•Cam-on-roller design requires very little physical force to operate
•Compact, lightweight machine for easy storage and transport
•Cushioned hand grip
•Two-step button making process
•Swivel die set increases speed
•"Positive stop" ensures upper and lower die alignment
•Rust-resistant plating
•Made in the USA

This is NOT a BAM (Badge-A-Minit) size machine and BAM sized parts will NOT work on this machine. Chinese made parts will not work on this machine.

To cut your fabric, you will need a rotary style cutter. Hand held punches will not work with this, and the graphic punch in this size most likely won't work with the fabric. Your cutter will need to cut to 3.451".

We have two rotary cutters available for purchase. One that cuts exactly to this size, and one that is adjustable to several button sizes.

With this size, you can make buttons, pocket mirrors and magnets. 

Depending on the fabric you are using, you may be able to see a little bit of the silver color from the button. If you place a thin piece of paper (cut to 1") on top of the button, it will help with this, and may also make your fabric button feel sturdier. You can also line your fabric. 

We have also used fabric with the iron on backing with paper. After cutting the fabric, we just peeled off the paper and made the button.

We do give you a metal plate when you purchase a rotary cutter from us, but if you use a self healing cutting mat when cutting fabric, it will be more gentle on your fabric edges, and you will have less issues when making your buttons. (Sometimes the process of cutting the fabric may stretch it out a little bit, and you end up with a little 'tail' sticking out of the edge of the completed button. If that happens, you can just take some small scissors and cut that part of the fabric off).

Feel free to contact us with any questions.


Warranty Information

One year Tecre Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review