1.25" Button Boy Fixed Rotary Cutter for making 1-1/4 Inch Buttons - Cut Size is 1.629"-FREE SHIPPING

Button Boy

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Product Overview

Button Boy Fixed Rotary cutter for making 1.25" Buttons.

When you make buttons using a Tecre Button Machine, the paper will wrap around to the back of the button and be encased inside of the button. That is why you need a cutter that is designed specifically for this purpose.

The cutting size for this cutter is 1.629". It is NOT a 1.25" cutter.

This cutter will work with:
- Tecre Button Maker Machine Model #125 (black machine, red handle)
- Tecre 1.25” Button Parts
- Will work with most American made machines & parts.

This cutter will not work with Chinese made machines and parts because the Chinese machines/parts are not standardized to American sizes and may vary slightly in size.

If you are making fabric buttons, this is the cutter you need because graphic punches and hand held punches will not work on fabric. This cutter is much more heavy duty than one you will find in a craft store, and it is sized perfectly for buttons. It comes with the metal cutting plate, but if you are cutting fabric, the folks at Tecre tell us it is better to use a self healing cutting mat that you can find in a craft store.

Warranty Information

One year Button Boy Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review