1-3/4" Mylar Accent Rings for Button Making Machines 1.75 Inch - 100 pcs

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Product Overview

Accent rings are BLING for your buttons!

These reversible metallic rings are made out of hot stamp foil or metallic paper which makes them shine. Place the ring between your graphic and the plastic mylar when making your button.

You will receive 100 rings (1.75” Standard Size) of the color/style you choose. The back of each colored ring is silver, so it is like getting two colors for the price of one! (Rainbow and Holographic rings are the same on both sides) 

Variety pack comes with blue, red, pink, purple, green, black, orange, gold, rainbow and holographic.

Use with:
-1-3/4" standard size Tecre Button Maker machine model #175
-1-3/4" Standard size button parts.  These rings will NOT fit a BAM (Badge A Minit) size machine. These will not work with Chinese made parts (parts that are measured in millimeters).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review