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This listing includes enough parts to make 100 Pony Tail or Shoelace buttons. 

1" Complete Pony Tail & Shoe Lace Button Parts
Pony Tail Backs
Wire Spring

**You just need to supply your own elastics if using as pony tail holders. These parts are designed to work with thin sized elastics. Although we were able to squeeze a thicker elastic through the wire, it was very tight. They may not work with all thick elastics.

We are proud to announce our new Pony Tail & Shoelace Button Parts! We were unhappy with the other ponytail parts on the market, so we created our own. These have a stronger and larger U shape area to fit your elastics through. In addition, you can slide a shoelace through these and wear the buttons on your shoes.

These parts will work with:
Tecre Model 100 Button Maker Machine

*** These parts will NOT work with Chinese or Indian made machines. Chinese made machines do not conform to US standardize button sizes and are designed in millimeters. 

Instructions:  https://www.facebook.com/ButtonBoyInc/photos/a.357346277636679.71505.210367045667937/656429881061649/?type=3&theater

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review