2.25" PHOTO & Paper Tecre Button Making Kit - Machine, Graphic Punch, 100 Pin Back Button Parts 2-1/4 Inch-FREE SHIPPING


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Product Overview

2-1/4" Button Boy/Tecre Brand PHOTO Punch, Machine and 100 parts

We are pleased to announce a brand new machine and graphic punch that we designed and was manufactured by Tecre only for us.

It is the Button Boy Photo Button Machine Model #BB225 and Button Boy Photo Graphic Punch Model #BB2405.

This machine is different as it works with our custom Tecre Punch to deliver you perfect photo buttons every time. You can also make buttons with heavy cardstock or even just normal thickness paper with this machine. 

On a standard button machine, your photo must wrap around the back of the button, and if it is printed on thick paper, you tend to have issues with buckling of the mylar on the edges. How does this new system work? The specialty size graphic punch cuts the paper to a diameter of 2.405. (A standard size punch cuts to 2.625”). The Model BB225 has an extra lip on the die that the smaller graphic fits into, as well as a lip for a normal graphic size and/or the mylar. When you make your button, the paper goes all the way to the very edge of your button, but does not get wrapped around with the mylar. It’s a perfect fit, and you will not see the silver edge of the button.

See the 2nd photo above which shows the die of the new Photo BB#225 on the left and the standard #225 on the right.

The model BB225 can also be used with a standard size graphic punch, as the graphic would sit in the upper lip of the die with the mylar. Images cut to 2.625” would wrap around to the back of the button like a standard machine’s buttons would.

However, any image cut with the BB#2405 graphic punch can only be used on the BB225 button machine.

Standard size 2-1/4” parts will work with this machine. BAM sized parts will NOT work with this machine.

Works with heavy card stock, photo paper, and standard thickness paper. We even tested a heavy cardstock covered with glitter and it worked perfectly!

All metal construction
Cam-on-roller design requires very little physical force to operate
Compact, lightweight machine for easy storage and transport
Cushioned hand grip
Two-step button making process
Swivel die set increases speed
"Positive stop" ensures upper and lower die alignment
Rust-resistant plating
"Zero scrap loss" engineering
Weight: 10 lbs.
Length: 10” Width: 3” Height: 6”
Made in the USA
Factory warranty.

The 2-1/4 size is one of our most popular sizes of buttons, and definitely our most versatile, with many types of accessories you can use with your machine. (magnets, mirrors, bottle openers, ornaments, pony tail holders, key chains, pin back buttons)

Orders placed on holidays or weekends will be shipped the next business day. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions - we love to help you get started making buttons and extra income! 


Warranty Information

One year Tecre Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review