3-1/2" Tecre Mirror Button Parts 3.50 Inch - Enough to Make 300 Pocket Cosmetic Mirror Buttons

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3-1/2” Size Mirror Button Parts ( 3.5 Inch )

This listing includes enough parts to make 300 pocket cosmetic mirror buttons.

Tecre Shells

Tecre Collets

Glass Mirrors



These parts will work with a Tecre Machine Model 350. (Tecre machines are the black machines with a red rubber handle). These are not B.A.M. sized parts, and they WILL NOT work on a B.A.M. machine. If you have a Chinese made machine, these parts will not work for you.

These button parts make excellent photo buttons for team sport photos or pet or family photos. Another fun thing to try is making these with scrapbook paper or gift wrap.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review