3" STD Ornament Button Parts 3 Inch - Makes 1000 Ornaments


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Product Overview

ORNAMENT SETS - 3” 3 inch STANDARD Size Complete Ornament Button Parts – enough to make 1000 two-sided Ornaments

These ornaments are not only great for Christmas, but can be used every day, hanging from items like a car rear view mirror.* You can feature family or pet photos with a message on the other side, or even sports photos - with team name on the back.

You will receive:
2000 Shells
2000 Ornament Backs with Hole
2000 Mylar
1000 Ornament Magnets

To make ornaments, you will be making 2 complete buttons, and one of them will have the magnet made inside of it. Once made, the button with the magnet sticking out will fit into the back of the other button. The method of hanging your ornament is up to you, and is not provided with these parts.

The last photo shows how to make the ornaments, or you can find the instructions posted on our Facebook page in the Photo Album titled How To Make Your Buttons.

You need a button machine to make these parts. These parts will work with a Tecre Machine Model 300 (including photo machines) or BB300. (Tecre machines are the black machines with a red rubber handle). These are not B.A.M. sized parts, and they WILL NOT work on a B.A.M. machine. If you have a Chinese made machine, these parts will not work for you.

* Drive responsibly, remove ornament from mirror when driving.

Orders placed on holidays or weekends will be shipped the next business day. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions - we love to help you get started making buttons and extra income! 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review