Magnetic Pendant Tray 1" Blank 100 pcs.

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Magnetic Pendant Tray 1" Blank 100 pcs.

Sturdy Magnetic Pendant Tray works with 1" Tecre Metal Flat Back Buttons

This is our new top of the line magnetic pendant base. These work perfectly with 1" metal flat back buttons. You don't even need a magnet on your button because this pendant has the magnet encased in the tray. These are similar to the Magnabilities line of magnetic pendants. 1" buttons fit a lot more snug in these than they do with the inexpensive pendant trays.

You can add any magnet button to this as well, as long as the polarity of the magnet is facing the correct way. We tested several of our buttons with the various magnets that we carry, and the absolute best fit is just a plain metal flat back button. Hollow back buttons without a magnet will not fit.

To change out the buttons, you simply push on one side of the button and it pops right out. But don't worry, they won't pop off when you are wearing them. The magnet holds the button on firmly until you push it off.

The bail opening is approximately 5mm wide and will accommodate a variety of necklaces.

As far as upkeep, there's not much to do. The pendant is made of zinc alloy with a beautiful, high-quality platinum plating. If it gets dirty, simply wipe it off with a soft damp cloth.

If you are making magnetic pendants to sell, you can sell these with one or several buttons that your customer can change out for various looks.

This listing is for 100 magnetic pendant tray.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review