Trash Can Button Accessories - 250 pcs - Includes Trash Can and Ball Chain


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Product Overview

Trash Can Button Accessories

These little accessories have been a favorite with our political button purchasers. You can create a button that says something like “John Doe’s Budget Plan” with a downward pointing arrow. Then attach the trash can to the chain, and attach the chain through the button pin so that the trash can falls below the button. Essentially, you would be saying that John Doe’s budget plan belongs in the trash. Great for school, local or national elections.

We are sure you can come up with many creative ideas for this fun accessory! Maybe a “Dump & Can my Ex”, or “Can the Board” for your Homeowner’s Association Board. Maybe even a creative use to talk about recycling for Earth Day.

The lid on the can opens in case you want to put something in the can.
This listing includes:
- (50) Trash Can Accessories (1.5”h x 1.25”w) (trash cans are a medium colored gray)
- (50) 6” ball chains with connector

This item works best with buttons that are 2.25" or larger.

This listing DOES NOT include the button. The buttons shown in the photos are for display purposes only.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review