2.25" STD Pony Tail Button Parts 2-1/4 Inch - Makes 100 Pony Tail Buttons-FREE SHIPPING

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Product Overview

This listing includes enough parts to make 100 Pony Tail or Shoelace buttons in the 2.25" size. 

100 each Shells, Pony Tail Backs, U Wires (omega shape wires), Mylars

**This listing does not include the elastics. You will need to supply your own elastics if using as pony tail holders. This listing is for the parts only, and the samples shown in the photo are not included.

We are proud to announce our new Pony Tail & Shoelace Button Parts! We were unhappy with the other ponytail parts on the market, so we created our own. These have a stronger and larger U shape area to fit your thicker elastics through. In addition, you can slide a shoelace through these and wear the buttons on your shoes. Shoelace buttons would be great for charity walks and in support of sports/school teams, as well as for fun messages.  You can also slide a lanyard through the back and they can be worn above convention badges.

These parts will work with a Tecre Machine Model 225or BB225. (Tecre machines are the black machines with a red rubber handle). These are not B.A.M. sized parts, and they WILL NOT work on a B.A.M. machine. If you have a Chinese made machine, these parts will not work for you.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review